The Panda Blues

From The Unconscious Jungle

`Synthetic Synthesis ~

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Allied unconscious mind, I find
Escaping an ounce of liquid in a cup
Clutched this cup, my ego did
Lain to lips to swallow the cup’s contents
I think, this will dispose the control
Of the insignificant, bury it below
The Present
Left what’s left, not to question how time’s spent
And hopefully to correct time’s failed intent.

A Date With Mah Prime Mate

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Over the past few weeks,
My eyes had sunken darker than bottom of the sea
For I'd been losing a whole lot of sleep.

Even those who think best,
Must not have known attraction attracted stress
Those nightly fantasies were a beautiful mess.

Premature perfection,
We connected ideals on the tips on tongue
Nature's infurity is truly best when young.

Eternal internal,
Why I hold your image like the pages of my journal
I fail to recall the words which made us so sentimental.

Preparing yesterday,
Anxiety fought for excitement but lost its way
No mistakes, I've waited for you long before yesterday.

Mirror seeing fate too,
I could catch this with no earthly shoe,
Our kiss, much less than a gift from me to you
But a symbol of hope, that we'd make it through.
Can't wait to call you so our unheard song can continue,
These are my Panda Blues.

In The Distance

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There have been some things that have been upon my mind,
Things that everyone should see but it appears that some are blind.

I wonder why my mind is scattered like the pieces of a puzzle upon a coffee table,
But better yet, why the pieces only click with certain people.

Out of a thousand, I'd only enjoy the company of a dozen,
I've been this way my whole life, and just realized it all of a sudden.

I wonder if people that can connect to the majority feel talented,
I'm certain they feel seniority, and I've tried talking it over with others but none understood what I meant!

In more ways than one, I say that I'm content,
But even when I see the desirable diversity, I think of how my time has been spent.

For Instance, Does brain size really matter?
I mean, what's the distance between two thoughts? Is one taller than the other?

Ah, thank you! It is all abstract!
But what about color? Can thoughts be white or black?

By this point, no one gives a who,
but I can defeniately assure you,
Most defeniately to be true, the color of Panda thoughts are blue..

The Intangible Jungle

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Business is booming inside the jungle.
Fortuanates are thankful,
While the lessers struggle.
The sun here is bright,
Sufficient for my black eye's sight.
Regardless, I hear them all
I hear triumph's call,
Most, I hear them fall.

In my habitat,Lies a viper named Matt
Just under the cherry shrub,
Where he bathes in toxic tubs.
He wishes for a two year nap,
He hadn't dreamed since a small chap.
He talks to no one,
He says silence is fun.
The truth is he's numb.

Matt was the type of cat,
That could only speak facts.
He claims good intentions
And lacks a thimble of ambition.

His parents often mention
that his mind lays out of jurisdiction.

Oh Matt, Oh Matt!
You are one really dumb cat!

Panda Blues

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I am the traveling panda.
The only things I carry are,
my guitar and a mouth full of propaganda. I've been to the cerebrum,
and as far as the cerebellum.
The only thing keeping me alive,
is half a ton of daily bamboo. I've seen a billion faces,
but never been outside my zoo.
These are my Panda Blues.